07h30 – 08h45

Registration & networking

08h45 – 08h54


  • Gugu Cele– Master of ceremonies
  • Rob Rose– Editor, Financial Mail & Tim Cohen – Editor, Business Day
  • Henry van Deventer– Wealth Strategist, Old Mutual Wealth

08h57 – 09h27

The South African & geopolitical investment landscape
With the recent downgrades to junk status, plunging business and consumer confidence and the country spiralling into a technical recession, South Africa faces challenging times. However there are still some positives - the rand seems to have held its ground, finally we are seeing respite from the drought and trade surplice levels continue to improve. Is it a case of doom and gloom or will we, in true South African spirit, bounce back? Most importantly, what does this mean for the South African investor?

  • Kevin Lings– Chief Economist, STANLIB

09h30 – 09h50

Investing in scary times

  • Peter Brooke– Head of MacroSolutions, Old Mutual Wealth

09h53 – 10h33

How technology & innovation changes the rules of investing
From the growth of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to robo-advising and algorithmic trading, technological advancements continue to disrupt the investment universe. Private investors now have a huge array of market intelligence previously only available to professional fund managers. Professional investors in turn are now able to extrapolate big data, with some fascinating results. How much of a trading role is the human playing; or should we make way for the algorithmic trader?

  • Shaun Nicholson – Head: SA Financial Markets, IRESS
  • Charles Savage – Founder of EasyEquities & CEO, Purple Group
  • MODERATOR: Andile Khumal– Presenter, Power FM

10h35 – 11h05

Tea Break

11h08 – 11h38

In conversation with…
A one-on-one interview with Sygnia Group’s, Chief Executive Officer Magda Wierzycka, revealing valuable learnings from her journey in the finance world.

  • Magda Wierzycka – CEO, Sygnia Group
  • MODERATOR: Alishia Seckam - Senior Anchor, Business Day TV

11h41 – 12h01

The power of passive
Is passive investing or indexation a panacea to curing all investment ills? A passive strategy, however conservative it may be, greatly reduces the probability of underperformance. Active management on the other hand, offering much higher potential rewards, only pays off for top performing fund managers. And there are the management costs to consider. What strategy should the astute South African investor adopt?

  • Helena Conradie– CEO, Satrix

12h04 – 12h44

Offshore investing – Best practices
With mounting political and economic risk, an increasing number of South African investors are choosing to take their money offshore, with mixed results. Is a local rand hedge investment or foreign currency investment best for your needs?

  • Trevor Garvin– Head of Multi-Management: Domestic & International, Nedgroup Investments
  • Magnus Heystek – Director, Brenthurst Wealth Management
  • Nesan Nair – Senior Portfolio Manager, Sasfin Wealth
  • John Kennedy Director & Regional Head: Cape Town, Citadel Wealth Management
  • MODERATOR: Gugu Cele

12h45 – 13h45

Lunch & Networking

13h48 – 14h08

The Hidden Risk of Investing in Bonds
Bonds are classically considered to be lower risk investments, and relative to equities they are. But by investing in bonds, individuals and pension funds are exposed to credit and other risks. Olga Constantatos will highlight these risks and provide insights as to what you can do to recognise and mitigate them.

  • Olga Constantatos – Credit & Equity Process Manager, Futuregrowth

14h11 – 14h51

Investing for life stages – the strategy for you right now
Major life events such as getting married or becoming a parent have profound effects on our financial goals. A young, single person for example may be tempted to consider a high-risk / high (potential) return investment strategy, while a parent saving for their child’s education will usually follow a much more conservative strategy. Because our financial needs change as we go through these different life stages, determining the right investment strategy for you should be an ongoing process.

  • Bruce Flemming – Financial Planner of the Year 2016
  • Fatima Vawda – Founder & Managing Director, 27four Investment Managers
  • MODERATOR: JJ Tabane – Presenter, Power FM

14h53 – 15h13

Investing for retirement
Many respected retirement experts use the benchmark of saving enough to live on 70% of your income during retirement, but with increasing life expectancies and rising medical costs, is this really realistically achievable? With the introduction of some very innovative products in the markets, at lower costs, we are now starting to see a drastic change in the way South Africans are saving for their retirements. Setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement starts and ends with having a great plan.

  • Steven Nathan – Founder & Chief Executive, 10X Investments

15h18 – 15h23

Closing by MC